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We Are Waiting



(Titus 2:11-14)

Terrible wounds on your body
Indelible marks of your love
Have gathered your people together
A shadow of glory above
Shattering walls of division
Nations will worship as one
You are the God of all people
You are the God who has come
We are waiting
We are waiting here for you
Come lead your people home again
Come show your power and reckless love
May we arise and take our place
May we be worthy of this call now
Comforting words for your people
The time for our mourning has passed
Darkness of exile is over
Salvation appearing at last
Leading us home through the desert
Keep us from wandering apart
Help us to treasure each other
The broken ones dear to your heart

words & music by Greg Cooper, Andrew Judd  & Garage Hymnal

(© 2011 Rhinoceros Music Publishing/Garage Hymnal)

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