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Holding on to me



Romans 8:28-39

Chosen since the start of time
Resting in your grace divine
Showing here on earth your throne
A people calling heaven home

Left my things and followed you
Choices you already knew
You knew my name, my life, my call  
When I’d rise, and when I’d fall

My Father’s holding on to me
He gave his Son for me
My Father’s Holding on to me
And he won’t let go       

His arms outstretched and lifted high
We hear the word incarnate cry  
Drying blood and heavy hearts
Breath of Life from God departs   

This is my deepest prayer: Hold me O Lord
My hands are not so strong 
Though darkness hides your love
and doubt consumes me  / My soul cries “Holy Lord”

Words Copyright © 2006 Andy Judd / Music Copyright © 2006 Andy Judd and Lynda Thoms

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