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Take My Life

Take My Life
  1. Live In Me
  2. Lord Above
  3. Holding On to Me
  4. On That Day
  5. Take My Life
  6. Rejoice
  7. Someone
  8. Christ Alone
  9. Near
  10. All I Am
  11. See Him Coming
  12. Milk and Honey
  13. Kneeling

In a tribute to the work of one man’s saving grace, 43 musicians and songwriters have produced a soundtrack to worship that will fill your mind with life-changing truth and set your heart towards eternity.

Guest artist Dave Hanbury (Revive) brings his trademark gutsy vocals to the rock anthems ‘Live in Me’ and ‘Near’, while the warmth of an acoustic guitar and a heavenly choir rekindle the heart on ‘Milk and Honey’.

Garage Hymnal are a band devoted to building the body of Christ which evolved in 2004 from the Sydney University Evangelical Union’s Annual Conference band. Their latest project saw the band source material from young Christian songwriters all over Australia.

Take My Life features eleven new congregational songs, plus fresh takes on songs by Mark Peterson and Philip Percival.

Spanning as many genres as it does bible verses, Take My Life is an album that exudes a passion for the gospel and a catchy riff, strengthened by the individual talents of each band member.

Garage Hymnal’s love of music has found them producing online resources for church bands, including advice on music arrangement, band leadership and choosing the right songs for your congregation, all of which can be found at www.garagehymnal.com. Their website also offers the scores and words of Take My Life for use in church.

Borne out a passion for music ministry, Take My Life is an exciting new addition to Emu Music’s seasoned catalogue, and Garage Hymnal a band to watch in the future.

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