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Garage Hymnal

Garage Hymnal
  1. The Light Has Found Us
  2. Beneath the Cross
  3. Love, Like a River
  4. Child's play
  5. Hallelujah
  6. Let Us Talk
  7. Sing a Song
  8. I Am
  9. Dwell
  10. Father's world

Garage Hymnal's new self titled album is all about new beginnings: grace, forgiveness and the deep joy of a fresh start with God.

But this album also represents something of a new beginning for Garage Hymnal as a band. Previous albums brought together many different songwriters and musicians from all over the place. But for this album it was decided to strip back to a core band who would write, record and tour together. The band brought in ARIA award winning producer David Nicholas to help shape an organic new sound for the band. Recorded live together over a few days in a studio in Byron Bay, the result is a warm and honest album.

Yet while many things about this album are new, some things have not changed. Once again the songwriters have looked to hymns for their unchanging truths beautifully expressed. An uplifting gospel rewrite of 'Beneath the Cross of Jesus' reminds us to gaze in wonder on the place where 'heaven's love and heaven's justice meet'. And the epic final track surveys the earth and reminds us both of creation's overwhelming size but also our intimate relationship with the one who made it: 'this is my Father's world'.

And while the recording itself is meant to be enjoyed while driving to work or in private devotions at home, Garage Hymnal remains focused on writing for churches. Tracks like 'Hallelujah' and 'The Light Has Found Us' speak gospel truth with a simplicity that will easily find a place in churches' times of singing.

The writing is at times deeply personal, with songs like 'Let Us Talk', 'Dwell' and 'Love, Like a River' drawing on the songwriters' own experiences of repentance and faith. But this is first and foremost a collection of songs for God's people to sing together. There is no more unified song than the joyful noise of sinners who have been found by God's grace.

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