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Bring On The Day

Bring On The Day
  1. Come Lord
  2. Bring On the Day
  3. Promises
  4. Call for Mercy
  5. Till Your Time
  6. How Long? (Though We Walk)
  7. Where Else?
  8. We Belong to the Day
  9. Father Mercy
  10. He Is Holy
  11. Waiting There
  12. It Is Well

Songs of faith in a fallen world

The follow-up album to the debut CD Take My Life by Australian band Garage Hymnal, Bring on the Day explores the Christian response to suffering in a fallen world. The collection of songs draws on the “now but not yet” theme of dealing with tragedy in the knowledge that God’s promised kingdom is yet to be fulfilled.

This theme is woven throughout the album, with a plea to God for deliverance in ‘How Long?’ and ‘Call for Mercy’, coupled with the assurance of His faithfulness in ‘Father Mercy’ and ‘Promises’. Two rock anthems, ‘Bring on the Day’ and ‘Come Lord’, call for the speeding on of the day of judgement and salvation. A new version of the classic hymn ‘It is Well’ completes the album, serving as a reminder to trust in God in all of life’s situations – good and bad.

Continuing the spirit of collaboration from their first album, Garage Hymnal are joined this time around by an exciting line-up of special guests. Highlights include the Doxa Music Gospel Choir from Zambia, who bring their deep, soulful sounds to the gentle R&B lament ‘How Long’ and the pop/gospel prayers ‘It is Well’ and 'Call For Mercy'.

Also new to the mix this album is Chris Collins (Planet of the Stereos), who lends his passionate vocals to the energetic anthem 'Bring on the Day' as well as the lush acoustic guitar driven 'Till Your Time' . And the boys from Revive (Dave Hanbury and Tyler Hall) also make return appearances, pumping their trademark rock/pop energy into songs like the infectious pop/rock 'Promises'.

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